Invest in Cyprus


Cyprus, the eternal island in the eastern Mediterranean, has always been central to the crossing of Europe, Asia and Africa, an important trading center for thousands of years. Cyprus has always had a good foundation and a growing economy, which was strengthened with the EU membership in 2004.

The outermost EU member of the Eastern Mediterranean has rapidly developed broad cooperation with other countries in the region, in accordance with international law, which has given Cyprus a central energy role in the Mediterranean.

The small, highly educated country offers qualitative skills and service capacity, supporting important growth sectors in the European economy. Known for its warm, hospitable and welcoming people, Cyprus has become one of the most attractive foreign direct investment (FDI) destinations in the region.




Following the discovery of large energy sources in the exclusive economic zone, Cyprus has grown into a regional energy center. These discoveries have a strong contributing factor to an increase in investment in Cyprus.

The emerging energy sector of Cyprus is expected to play a catalytic role in the future development of the country and the EU and its economy as a whole. The existence of worldwide gas reserves in the Cyprus EEZ (EEZ) has given rise to a major EU and regional project called the Eastmed pipeline that will link Israel and Cyprus natural resources with Greece, Italy and the rest of the EU

On the sunny Mediterranean island, there is a wide range of tax benefits to companies that operate on the island. Cyprus offers worldwide ownership and solid investment, trade, labor, business and financial freedom. These benefits derive from Cyprus' favorable tax system, which is in line with the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation) and EU requirements. Cyprus currently has 12.5% ​​tax and its role as an international business and finance center is growing day by day.

With this background, Cyprus can offer, besides sun and Mediterranean climate, excellent conditions for long-term investments and high ROI.



We at Cypriot Houses can offer contact with local authorities, the tax authorities, banks, property owners and, above all, facilitate the process for those who want or are considering investment in Cyprus and Greece.